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Field tested, APROVED!

Mike Wytoshynski -- "Credit goes to Quepos Fish Adventures aboard Stress Reliever II. This was one of three. The Flies did fantastic, the sails gobbled them up. Crew were miffed that I was using a sinking fly line as they like to work the fly aggressively however I never got more than 1 pop off before the take and had one or two hit a still fly. Overall went 3-7 on 12wt.
Thanks Again!"

Ozzy Delgado

Trip to the Amazon, 2006

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Cam Jr. and Kadavu Fiji Wahoo!

Gunther Aman

Gary Caputi, CS 10wt, Dolphin

Hall of Fame

14wts aren’t only for salt (Spanish Catfish)

Michele Guirette with his first sail ever

Our friend Nassim Joaquin with white marlin on fly, off of Playa del Carmen, April 2006

Kara Weissman(17) fist sail on fly

Larry Kenney

Paul Roberts

Shane Sigler Rooster

Cam Jr. Paul

Cam Jr.

Steve Miller 1st sail

John Tammen sail

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