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World Records - 57 in one day!

57 World Records

Jim Turner sent us this photo of #50 of 57, all in one day in 2006, a new record!
All caught on Cam Sigler Tube Flys and Cam Sigler Fly Rods, of course.
"You gotta love Guatemala" says Jim.

Notable Blue Marlin Fly Releases of 2007-2008 on CS Products In Guatemala

Dr. Scott Lund
March 24th ( est. wt. 275 Lbs)
Boat (Decisive)

Nick Smith
Nov 12th (est. wt. 275 Lbs
Nov 12th ( est. wt. 175 Lbs)
Boat ( Old Reliable)

Cam Sigler Sr
Nov 12th (est. wt. 250 Lbs)
Boat ( Canaso)

Nick Smith
Nov 14th ( est. wt. 250 Lbs)
Boat( Old Reliable )

Nat Harris
Dec.10th ( est. wt. 350 Lbs)
Boat (Release)

Nick Smith
Dec 11th ( est. wt. 225 Lbs)
Boat ( Old Reliable)

Jake Jordan
Jan 14th ( est. wt. 275 Lbs)
Boat ( Intensity)

If you have a blue marlin release on a Cam Sigler product, please contact us and let us know!

Lance Peterson

Lance Peterson
East Cape rooster on CS 10 wt.