The History of Cam Sigler

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If you've been fly fishing for any length of time, you must have seen the logo, the little silhouette of a fly-casting angler in the broad-brimmed hat. It's been imprinted on lots of fishing stuff, including flats boots, waders, gloves, rod totes, flies, and luggage. The man behind the logo, the man in the broad-brimmed hat, is responsible for bringing to the U.S. market a wealth of fishing equipment, much of which you've probably used, though it may have lacked the telltale silhouette logo. Most major fly-tackle companies have at one time or another relied on the man in the hat's international sourcing connections, but like the shadow logo, he has mostly chosen to stay out of the limelight, to hover offstage in the wings. He has made the deals click, and in doing so has made the fly-fishing world better, more efficient, simpler, and fun.

The silhouetted man is Cam Sigler.

If your hair has silvered, you remember when the Eddie Bauer company meant hard-core outdoor products, not trendy outdoor fashion. Cam was there, making it work; he was Mr. EB Outdoors to a generation of sportsmen. Youngsters now employed with the company speak of him as The Legend.

Cam Sigler

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